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When we encounter consumers with high credit debt, we remind them there are always alternatives to Bankruptcy. Too many consumers mistakenly view Bankruptcy as the only way to escape their debt. In many cases, Bankruptcy is not always the best solution. Several alternatives to Bankruptcy are listed below.

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If you have a poor credit score, you may wonder what needs to be done to improve your credit history. There are many individuals who suffer from financial crisis because of unemployment, health problems, or poor management of resources. If you think that you are in hot water, the following tips on how to improve your credit score can help you:

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We offer our services to consumers Nationwide. California contains our largest database of referral partners and affiliates. If you are looking for credit repair assistance and reside in California, contact us, we can help! Read more
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Clean Credit Group specializes in Credit Repair for Mortgage Applicants and Clients nationwide. One of our offices is located in the Philadelphia area and caters to local clients throughout. If you have credit issues and reside in Philadelphia or the surrounding areas, give us a call, we are glad to help!
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