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Credit Repair Service Process

Credit Repair Services

Credit Report Review

Our credit repair services come with a free consultation, thorough credit report review to identify errors, opportunities for improvement, and troubled areas.

Customer Review

After identifying errors and inaccuracies, our credit analysts will send you a list of our findings for review and approval.

Custom Disputes

Upon receipt of approval, our credit analysts will draft custom dispute letters challenging the erroneous items on your credit bureau. You will receive the results from the credit bureaus within 30 business days.

Creditor Negotiation

The negative items which are accurate and validated by the credit bureaus will enter our credit repair services’ negotiation phase. The negotiations include savings on your negative account balances and obtaining pay for deletions where applicable.

Finish Line

After completing the mentioned steps, we will advise you to obtain a fresh copy of your credit report to verify the changes that took place. The verification of changes will conclude the credit repair process.

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Our Guarantee

At Clean Credit Group, we are entirely dedicated to producing exceptional results for our clients. Our innovative credit repair process maintains a superior track record, which allows us to provide the best guarantee in the credit repair industry.

If you are not satisfied with our efforts, we will refund the fees paid, it’s just that simple!

Credit Repair Services for Home Buyers

Our credit repair services for mortgage applicants was noticed by the lending community for it’s effectiveness and fast results. We currently partner with mortgage bankers and loan officers nationwide in efforts to boost their clients scores quickly and ensure qualification. In 2011, over 300 clients were able to buy their dream home after enrolling into our program.

We can help increase your credit score for loan approval purposes. Contact us for a free consultation today!

Couples Discount

At Clean Credit Group, our services are tailored to save our clients as much money as possible. Our discount for couples, is merely the beginning. Sign up with your spouse and we will take 60% off their monthly fee for duration of the program! To receive your free credit report evaluation, contact us today!

Credit Repair Service – FAQ

How long does your credit repair service process take?

The time frame of our credit repair services vary with each credit scenario. One credit scenario may take as little as 15 days, with another taking 6 months. The degree of difficulty is based upon the number of items which are driving down the credit score.

How will I receive the updates on my credit repair process?

Our credit analysts that work on your file will contact you on a weekly basis to report progress and recent advancements. Our clients are also able to call in, or e-mail their credit analyst during our office hours.

Do the credit bureaus report similar information?

No, the information reported may be quite different on each credit report. The credit reporting agencies maintain their own database for each person and do not share information with each other.

More commonly asked questions

Superior Service

Our credit repair service produced a buzz of confidence and warm wishes, from clients and lenders. In 2011, our acclaimed credit repair service for home buyers, enabled over 300 of our clients to qualify for a home loan. In addition, 79% of clients that enrolled into our credit repair services, began seeing improvement within 30 days of the start date.

Consumer Protection

Consumer protection is one of our main focuses at Clean Credit Group. We ensure that our clients are protected from debt collectors and their abusive tactics.

In case of violations, our clients are able to retain our network legal counsel at no cost and seek monetary restitution, in accordance to the fdcpa.

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