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Cease and Decist

Cease and Desist

You are allowed to ask the Collection Agency to Cease all communications and contact with you. If the collection calls become excessive and burdensome, you can draft a Cease and Desist letter and put a stop to the calls. Make sure that if you decide to go this route, the letter is sent via certified mail with a returned receipt.

After the collection agency receives your Cease and Desist letter, they can do the following:

  • Contact you once more to confirm receipt of the letter, and to inform you about any collection activity that is intended to take place.
  • File a lawsuit against you.

The likelihood of a lawsuit being filed is dependent on several factors. Collection Agencies will run an asset search to see if it would make sense for them to file the suit. They look for Real Estate and W-2 Employment. If you are self employed, and do not own any real estate, the likelihood of a law suit is minuscule.

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