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Debt Collector Violations

Debt Collector Violations

Debt collectors have to abide by rules and regulations of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. There are many instances however, where debt collectors use aggresive tactics forbidden by the FDCPA. Violations are often commited by debt collectors in efforts to sway the consumer into commiting to unfavorable terms and conditions.


Debt collectors are not allowed to utilize threatening tactics such as threats, verbal abuse, or nasty language. Whether it’s through mail, e-mail, or via telephone, such action is severely prohibited.


Harrassment such as repeated phone calls throughout the day are prohibited.


Deception is a tool often used by Debt Collectors to reach their necessary goals. Debt Collectors are not allowed to lie to you for any reason to obtain a favorable outcome. Deception can simply be telling your family member or relative that they are a long lost friend and attempting to reach you. This action is prohibited.

Third Party Disclosure

Disclosure to a third party of your debt or obligation is strictly prohibited. Debt Collectors are allowed to communicate with your spouse or a guardian if the consumer is a minor.

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