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Debt Collectors

How to deal with debt collectors

Debt Collectors are notorious for crossing to the gray area and sometimes completely over the line. These are 7 Tips that you should always keep in mind when having any communication with Debt Collectors.

  • Keep notes of everything that was said during the collection call. Debt Collectors will often say things that should not have been said and it becomes important that you are in possession of that information.
  • Do not erase the messages from Debt Collectors which are left on an answering machine, some of these messages can be threatening and illegal. It’s important to have that recording in case you decide to pursue legal action.
  • Do not in any case give a Debt Collector your banking information. If you agree to a payment plan or settlement, make it clear that you will send the payment via certified check or money order.
  • Do not come to an agreement with a Debt Collector until you receive written documentation confirming the arrangement.
  • If you do come to an agreement with a Debt Collector, make sure that you are able to afford the payment plan or settlement. There have been many instances where the consumer is unable to meet the last payment and the settlement amount gets voided. Stick to your budget and don’t offer to pay more than you afford.
  • If the Phone Calls get excessive and burdensome, send them a Cease and Desist letter asking for all communications to stop immediately. If you are contacted at work, you can simply tell the collector to stop calling you at work without any written communication. If such contact occurs, write down the date and time of the call in case of future violations.
  • If your rights have been violated, we recommend you take immediate action! You may be entitled to monetary damages, dismissal of debt, or both. If you think that your rights were violated and need assistance, contact us for a consultation.

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